Teresa Lampmann

Who do
you trust

for advice on what’s best for you?

YOU are the source of wisdom for what’s best for you!
Trust your heart knows the truth.

Here are three approaches for learning the techniques to listen to your heart for direction.

Woman reading a book

01On Your Own

Do you like to try new things on your own, test theories for yourself?
My book, The ABC Path toward True Wisdom, guides you through the steps in listening to your heart and trusting the wisdom of your journey.

Woman having a converation

02Share Your Story

Do you prefer to talk with a mentor to learn the steps?
We can meet face-to-face through the internet for one-hour sessions in listening to your heart to live your life joyfully.

Women's Circle

03Circle of Women

Do you prefer learning in the company of others?
I facilitate small groups in the process of listening to your heart for the truth by meeting together face-to-face through internet technology.

Are you wondering
how your
heart knows?

Who you are has guided your path, and your path has fine-tuned who you are.

Every experience in your life is
• Embedded physically in your body
• Recorded emotionally in your memory
• Processed spiritually in your heart

Now is the time to trust your heart for the spiritual wisdom of your journey and live each day joyfully being who you truly are.

Learn to connect with your embodied wisdom. Follow the steps in The ABC Path toward True Wisdom.

True Wisdom